Bitmoji ( Android )

Have you ever wanted your own icons and feelings that will mark you, not an ordinary person? Then you definitely need to download Bitmoji.

This allows you to recreate the resemblance of a cartoon, with many tools available to make your look look as good as possible. Then you can choose a group and reach dozens, if not hundreds of stickers, each containing you.

It may be available for many chats and social apps, but Bitmoji has a deeper integration with Gboard, letting you share your stickers directly from the keyboard. It can also be linked to a Snapchat account, making your Bitmoji the symbolic Snapchat.

You can change the look of your beatmoji at any time, so if you change your hairstyle, you can change the hairstyle to match, or just give them a new outfit, new stickers and settings will be added over time not bored.

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