Curator ( Android )

The curator claims to be the first gallery app to organize your photos using AI without an internet connection, giving you the ability to search for something like Google Images, without compromising privacy.

This works very well. When you first start the app, it analyzes and assigns tags to all of your photos (which may take a lot of time), and then, if you search by keyword, for example, "beach" or "cat", it will display every image that it contains .

The moderator also has a nice interface with two themes and the ability to display albums or all photos or all custom tags.

Albums can be renamed and added to favorites, photos can be moved between albums, and there are also gesture controls that help you navigate the interface faster. New features will appear along the way, such as personal folders and shared albums.

If you don’t need the additional privacy provided by the moderator, Google Images is still better. Not least because it supports your photos and gives you access to them from other devices, but the curator is a powerful alternative for those who prefer to reduce their online presence.

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