Duolingo ( Android )

If you've ever tried to use a language learning app, you've definitely encountered Duolingo. So why do we highlight this? Well that's very good, its capabilities and language selection has improved greatly over the years, so you have to go back to it.

Duolingo has an extensive library of languages ​​to choose from: French, Spanish, German to Japanese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Swedish, Hebrew and others.

Choose the language you want to learn and you will learn fun bite-size lessons that will teach you gradually. The whole process is presented colorfully and has a lot of manipulation. This will not benefit everyone, but we find it helps us with motivation, as well as the ability to compete with friends. The best of all is that Duolingo is almost completely free, although you can pay to remove ads and unlock some additional features.

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Duolingo ( Android ) Duolingo ( Android ) Reviewed by Mega World on 10:18 AM Rating: 5

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