Google Lens ( Android )

Your Lens Google phone might already be included, but if it isn't, you can download it from the Play Store, and it's worth it.

Once the app is launched, you can point the camera at anything and get information about it. Point to a book and it will provide you with links to browse books and places to buy it. Other products are also related to stores, or if Google Lens cannot accurately locate anything, it will offer similar products.


You can also refer to a teacher for information about them, a foreign text for translation or an event to add to your calendar. You can even direct them to plants or animals for identification.

The results are not perfect. In our experience, Google Lens will either fix anything regularly or fail to offer any suggestions on what might be, especially with more unusual items, but it works often enough to really be useful, especially when you're used to it. Things like this might work with him - until you know if you ever want to download it.

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