Motion Stills ( Android )

Google apps rarely got to iOS earlier than Android, but Motion Stills did it because they were designed to stabilize live photos so they come out smoother. It now works on Android, which allows you to shoot a short video, on which the app is based.

The photos you take can be saved as a video or GIF surrounded by episodes, then posted on social networks, Motion Stills also allows you to use Fast Forward mode, which allows you to compress up to a minute of shots in a shorter clip. It also settles to maintain smoothness, and you can choose the playback speed.

Motion Stills only works for new videos - so you can't import everything you've captured and settled (although if you only want to convert old frames to GIFs, there are many other apps that will do that).

But in all that is new, you can shoot Motion Stills - a great way to create GIFs or short videos and make sure your shots stay smooth. It's also fast, due to the real-time stability of the shots, so you don't have to wait for your clip to be processed and it's completely free.
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