Over ( Android )

Over can be an app that will take your game to social networks to a new level, because it contains all the tools needed to create stylish designs, full pictures, images and text, suitable for Instagram, Facebook and most other social sites, or even to use. On posters and flyers.

The app allows you to choose from a set of sizes of canvases, many of which correspond exactly to the sizes used by popular social websites, then allow you to add images and text to them, with various options available, including a set of fonts, and the ability to adjust colors Planning, and much more.

In addition, it includes several graphic elements ready to activate your projects, and upon completion of construction you can easily share your design with other applications or save it in JPG or PNG format.

The basic tools are mostly free, but experienced users may want to pay for a Pro subscription, as this gives you access to everything: more fonts, more graphics, and a sample database, so you don't need to create your projects from scratch.

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