Pexels ( Android )

Pexels is a photo database that you can use for free for any purpose, including for commercial purposes, without attribution (although it states that links are still welcome).

You can search by keyword or display popular images, and touching the photographer of the image will show you their other work on Pexels and allow you to track them, so you will not miss anything new that it uploads.

You can also "like" and collect photos in Pexels, and if you want to move them out of the app, you can easily share them with Instagram or other apps, save them as wallpaper or just upload them.

But Pexels also allows you to become a photographer, as you can upload any of your photos onto the app for other people to use. However, I decided to use Pexels, although it is a nice and pretty app.
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Pexels ( Android ) Pexels ( Android ) Reviewed by Mega World on 10:02 AM Rating: 5

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