PhotoDirector ( Android )

PhotoDirector is one of the most powerful photo editing apps available on Android. They give you fun filters, frames and effects, but give you more control than some of their colleagues. For example, you can adjust the strength of the effects and choose their global or selective application.

You can also get a lot of control over the main image, as you can adjust white balance, saturation, tone, sharpness, color, and more.

You can also rotate, crop or flip an image, crop areas, adjust perspective, and if you make an image, remove the red-eye effect. There is something else, a lot to be included, but suffice it to say that PhotoDirector is a comprehensive app.

Not only does it edit the photos you've already taken; there is also a camera component that lets you take new photos and see how the effects and filters will look before taking a picture.

PhotoDirector can be downloaded and used for free. There is an additional subscription for £ 2.59 (about $ 3.70) per month if you want to unlock additional tools, remove ads and improve output quality, but the main app is really more generous than most free offers.

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