Picai ( Android )

If you want to apply filters to all of your photos, there is a great chance that you like Picay, as this makes the process smarter than most apps.

But this is not just a tool to filter the photos you already took (although you can do that as well). Instead, it is the camera app. Just point to something you want to take a picture of, and it will use AI to determine what you're looking at, even before it provides popup text with a message it sees.

From there, he will automatically select the filters that, in his opinion, will be suitable, and put two of them on the viewfinder - one on the left and the other on the right. This means that you can see the shape of the filter before taking a photo.

If desired, you can swipe horizontally to select it, or you can scroll up or down to view the filters. This is a smart idea, well implemented and completely free.

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