Sticker Maker ( Android )

If you use WhatsApp, you will probably know that the service has finally added support for stickers, as well as emojis and GIFs, where you can now send larger images similar to emojis. But despite the fact that there are many sticker packs to choose from, thanks to Maker Maker, there is also an opportunity to make it your own.

First, the application creates a new "set of stickers" that you can name, then simply uploads the image to your phone and cuts that part of the image you want to use as a poster. You can do this manually or use the tools in the app to cut out the perfect square or circle.

You can also rotate the image if you like, then save it to your package when you are happy. Packs can contain up to 30 labels, but at least three are needed. After making at least three, you can send the package to WhatsApp, where you can use your stickers, like any other stickers.

If you later want to add or remove stickers from the package, you can do so. You can also create additional bundles if you have more than 30 sticker ideas or if you want the packs to be objective.

Sticker Maker is a great app useful for those who love WhatsApp stickers but want to be more personalized.
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