Zomato Review ( Android )

Zomato, once again one of the best Android apps, allows you to find restaurants near you to eat or order and serve food online. Check out restaurant photos, menus and user reviews and decide where you want to eat, the Zomato Map feature will help you with that.

This Android app contains many other unique features that cater to customer needs such as takeaway, table reservations and openings. You can also find many discounts and offers in restaurants, making it easy in your pocket.

Popular features of the Zomato app:

  • Ease of searching for restaurants, bars and cafes by name, location, kitchen, etc.
  • Sponsored listings for places like the best burgers, perfect dates, popular restaurants, etc.
  • Talk to friends and follow them to find out what and where they eat;
  • Reserve a table at any restaurant.
  • Zomato Gold: discounts and offers for premium members.

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Zomato Review ( Android ) Zomato Review ( Android ) Reviewed by Mega World on 8:39 PM Rating: 5

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